MIS' – Armenian meat lovers’ restaurant

MIS' is a restaurant for real meat lovers, presenting Armenian cuisine with new approaches and unique service.

The menu of MIS' is full of a variety of dishes that have reached us through the centuries.

The menu features dishes made from both traditionally Armenian and widely known Caucasian recipes, with a unique signature and special approach.

MIS' restaurant's open kitchen gives our guests the opportunity to see how our favorite dishes are prepared, to admire the professionalism of our skilled chefs and to discover new flavor combinations.

Our team's goal is to preserve and reinterpret traditional Armenian dishes and present Armenian cuisine to the whole world.

Join us at the MIS' restaurant for a delicious "Buffet" breakfast every morning from 07:30 to 11:30.

In addition to the main dishes, the menu also includes:

You can enjoy your breakfast either in the restaurant hall or in your room.

Tel.: +374 (55) 424 424